The Matco Traverse Car can be used when a larger distance needs to be covered, and when no pallets or general cargo needs to be buffered over that distance. In this case, the traverse car is a more advantageous option. The traverse car generally has its starting point at the end of a roller or chain conveyor. From there, the load can be transported to different stations for transportation.

A single traverse car, for instance, allows you to transport goods from multiple parallel-configured production lines to a pallet wrapping machine, which is installed at the long end of one of these production lines.

Construction Matco Traverse Car

The Matco Traverse Car is basically a platform on wheels. On this platform, different types of modules can be installed. The platform can be driven over rails, or using wheels which run along a profile. Various components can be installed on the traverse Car. This is usually a roller or chain conveyor. In the example shown on this page, you can see that a presser has been installed on the traverse Car. This presser can hold a stacked load sturdily in place when the traverse Car accelerates or brakes. This presser is an excellent example of the customised service Matco can deliver.

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