The chain conveyor is used for transporting pallets and general cargo. A chain conveyor is chosen when a pallet is transported 'transversely' compared to the transport direction. That means that the bottom planks of the pallet are perpendicular to the conveyor direction. In long conveyor sections, it may prove more advantageous to use a chain conveyor instead of a roller conveyor.

Construction of the chain conveyor

The chain conveyors usually consist of two or three chains. The sections can be delivered in various sizes and with various levels of engine power. The outsides of each length of chain are fitted with a sprocket in cast end piece. The chain runs along the profile, via the end piece to a sprocket on the central drive shaft. Each section of chain is synchronously driven by a sprocket on the drive shaft.

Dimensions The conveyor length means the section of a chain conveyor on which the load is transported. In a chain conveyor, the conveyor width is balanced with the dimensions of the pallets which are to be transported. The pallet needs to be at least as long as the conveyor is wide, in order to prevent it from tipping over the centre section of chain.

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