MWS Robot

Robot wrapper

The MWS robot is an extremely flexible wrapper. The mobile wrapper can be rolled from one place to another so you can quickly and easily wrap your pallet with film at different locations. This robot is specifically designed for users who want to wrap a range of large pallets. The robot is equipped with a battery, good for wrapping 130 pallets, and features a pre-stretch system so you can save on film. This machine is also available with a mechanical film brake.

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SPP MWS Robot voorbeeld-DEF
Max. wrapping height:
2200 mm
Mechanical film brake
(50-100 %)
Powered pre-stretch:
(150 - 200 – 250 %)
Min. pallet dimensions:
600 x 600 mm
130 Paletten bei voller Batterie,
bis zu 15 Paletten pro Stunde
Power:230 V / 50 Hz / N + PE
Running speed:
93 Meter pro Minute
Weight:325 kg