ALC-45 Twin

ALC45 twin

The Matco ALC45-TWIN is a fully automatic, rotary arm wrapper, which is equipped with a double arm, enabling this machine to handle an extremely high capacity of 130 pallets per hour. The ALC45-TWIN is the result of years of development in the field of packaging machines and is regarded as the flagship of the Matco wrappers. This machine is constructed with top-tier components, and the ALC45-TWIN is equipped with an easy-to-use touch panel on which ten different wrapping programs can be set. This means you are not limited to just one type of pallet load.

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ALC-45 Twin

Turntable speed:45 rpm
Max. wrapping height:2400 mm
Max. load:depending on transport system
Max. pallet:1200 x 1200 mm
capacity:up to 130 pallets per hour
Carriage speed:Frequency controlled
Powered pre-stretch
(standard 250 %)
Power:3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / N + PE
10 Wrapping programs
Roller conveyor height:
from 80 mm