Matco's history dates back to 1975 when Litco Europe started selling American pallet wrapper machines on our continent. This company eventually designed its own machines and had them produced by the Chr. van Oorsprong engineering works based in Loenen. At the end of that year, wrapping foil supplier Borden took over Litco and renamed the company Matco BV.

Through the years, the company developed a full range of pallet wrappers and always had them produced by the same engineering works. The engineering works also took on an increasing amount of the mechanical and electrical engineering and service activities. In 1995, Chr. van Oorsprong decided to take over Matco as a sister company. This resulted in an increase in production and led to the relocation to Deventer in 2001. Matco operated autonomously in Deventer from 2002 until it was taken over by the Waalwijk based company TLS in 2011. Matco retained its own identity, quality and service. In 2014, Matco BV expanded its activities further through the acquisition of Matco GmbH. At the end of 2015, Matco BV engaged in a joint venture with Sinoleon to facilitate the sale of fully automatic wrappers in the Far East.

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